Dick's Sporting Goods

DMW Services performed:

Project Summary

DMW was responsible for the surveying, planning and design services for this 50,180 sq. foot building expansion of the FSK Mall in Frederick, MD. The project included preparation of site and landscape plans, site improvement plans, signage, pavement striping, and erosion and sediment controls which were developed and coordinated with the owner, architect and contractor. Construction phase services included stake-out, project inspections, progress meetings, responses to RFI’s and processing of as-built drawings through Frederick County. The chosen location of this building addition, the existing FSK Mall, provided several design and construction challenges for the project. The new store was required to have both an entrance into the Mall and an entrance onto the existing perimeter surface parking lot. Several major utility lines had to be relocated to facilitate the addition including public water, public sewer, site lighting and a large underground electric supply line. The Mall’s existing ring road was relocated and the existing parking lot was modified as the site grading was adjusted to provide a smooth transition to the surrounding parking areas.