Let’s Go. We Know The Way.

With 45 years of successful client partnerships, Daft McCune Walker has led the way in designing, developing and delivering innovative and thoughtful solutions. Today, we are writing the next exciting chapter in our firm’s history with a new logo, operational tagline and website.

Our new logo is a fresh expression of our identity – one that honors our past while communicating our ongoing commitment to innovation, problem-solving and project excellence.

The symbol accompanying our logotype presents two dashed squares that form a central square. These outer squares represent our commitments to designing and developing projects with precision and vision. With every DMW project, these commitments come together at our focal point – delivering…delivering solutions on-time, on-budget and beyond expectations.

While the squares communicate precision, the dashed lines suggest openness, ideas and flexibility. Our mark is also accentuated with a bold right angle – pointing upward and forward – emphasizing our ultimate goal: achieving greatness, providing forward momentum and ensuring success for our clients.

We are the DMW you have trusted for nearly a half century. As our new logo suggests, our experienced, innovative team of people is leading the way – bringing positive energy, creative solutions and a personal commitment to design, develop and deliver for every client, every day of the year – year after year.

Let’s go. We know the way.