DMW provides the experience and expertise our clients need to achieve successful projects. That is the key to our 45 years of success.

For over four decades, clients have been bringing a variety of projects to DMW for our expert consulting and engineering services covering a variety of development needs. Today, with our significant experience in nearly all aspects of the land development process, DMW serves a wide range of clients on a variety of projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

One of the unique features of DMW is that the senior leadership is a mix of design professionals and retired public officials. This leadership mix provides superior insight into layout, design and construction, grant administration, permitting procedures and facility needs. DMW’s exceptional knowledge of Federal, State and local regulatory requirements throughout Maryland is verified by various awards and recognition from those agencies.  Our extensive work with all levels of the various local jurisdictions’ regulatory agencies, our knowledge of Federal, State, and Local policies and procedures makes us eminently qualified to achieve all project requirements.

Lisa Gobrecht - President

As President, Ms. Gobrecht manages the firm’s strategic initiatives and growth areas, both internally and those of the industry. She oversees all services, including Survey, Environmental, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Civil Engineering, focusing her attention on leading industry indicators and incorporating those indicators into DMW’s business structure. Ms. Gobrecht has held various senior administrative and accounting roles since joining DMW in 1989. She has supervised all accounting functions at the firm, managed information technology initiatives, instituted detailed financial and management reporting, and managed facilities. Through her work at DMW, Ms. Gobrecht is intimately involved with many of the firm’s institutional clients by volunteering her time to serve on various corporate Boards and Commissions. She also participates in various associations including NAIOP, Greater Towson Committee, and the American Council of Engineering Consultants.

Kristy Bischoff, P.E. - Vice President & Director of Engineering

Ms. Bischoff is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Maryland and oversees the design, production and approval processes for DMW’s many land development projects.  Her experience includes residential, commercial and institutional projects located within the state. Ms. Bischoff’s expertise includes grading, sediment and erosion control, stormwater management, road, storm drain, water, and sewer design, and floodplain studies. Ms. Bischoff knows how to satisfy the vast technical requirements associated with these many disciplines. She manages resource workloads and production for DMW’s Survey, Environmental, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Civil Engineering services. She is also responsible for quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) as well as the development of policies and procedures for all technical production within the firm. She has served as an expert witness in many Development Plan Hearings within Baltimore County. Ms. Bischoff has been commended as “Engineer of the Year” multiple times by the Baltimore County, MD. Soil Conservation District. She is recognized for her technical expertise, as well as for her extensive knowledge and understanding of local and state laws and regulations, including her ability to prepare and present information in conformance with the laws and regulations.

Melvin C. (Chuck) Beall, Jr., P.E. - Senior Vice President & Director of Governmental Services

Mr. Beall provides senior level engineering and project management for governmental projects and private sector clients. He coordinates with clients and team members to create projects with fiscal constraint and optimal operation and maintenance expense. With over eighteen (18) years of public sector experience as Director of Planning and Growth Management for Charles County, MD., Mr. Beall was responsible for performing executive planning and growth management work in directing the county's comprehensive and land use planning, environmental, engineering, building and infrastructure permit administration, and capital improvement programs. In addition to his public sector experience Mr. Beall has over twenty (20) years of experience working in the private sector. That experience includes inspection, surveying, and design. His design and management experience includes state highways, water and sewer systems and all types of local infrastructure. He has worked on governmental projects as well as on land development for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Mr. Beall is Past President of the County Engineers Association of Maryland (CEAM) and remains active in the Association. He has spoken at numerous public and private sector conferences around the State and has served on several State technical committees.

Mark Crissman, P.E., P.L.S. - Vice President, Frederick Office Manager

Mr. Crissman has thirty (30) years of experience in the Land Development field as a licensed Engineer and Land Surveyor. Mr. Crissman is responsible for the design and management of all phases and aspects of private development and public improvement projects. Mr. Crissman has experience in residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects for the private sector and public sector capital improvement projects for State, County, and Local agencies. In addition he oversees the various disciplines performed by a staff of engineers, surveyors, and CADD technicians as the Branch Manager for DMW's Fredrick Office. Mr. Crissman has unique knowledge and expertise in processing site plans and entitlements through Frederick County and the City of Fredrick processes where he has extensive local knowledge of procedures, code requirements, and institutional organizations.

Eric Hadaway - Vice President and Director of Environmental Services

As Director of Environmental Services, Mr. Hadaway works with landscape architects, land planners, engineers, and other design professionals to coordinate and negotiate compliance with environmental laws and policy for landowners, and to create environmentally sensitive plans for residential, institutional, and commercial development. Mr. Hadaway is certified by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to perform non-tidal wetland delineations, and is well-versed in all aspects of Section 404 Permitting and wetland mitigation design. He is also certified as a Maryland Forest Conservation Act Qualified Professional with over 24-years’ experience conducting Forest Stand Delineations and preparing Forest Conservation Plans. Mr. Hadaway also coordinates compliance with the Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas Law and negotiates approvals for waterfront development projects, marinas, and other water-dependent facilities.  In addition, he is well versed in all aspects of surface mining and mine reclamation, with a special emphasis on environmental permitting for post-reclamation development projects.  Mr. Hadaway also conducts natural resources inventories, feasibility studies, and prepares water quality planting plans for bioretention, rain garden, shallow marsh, and other storm water best management practices.

Mitch Kellman - Director of Zoning Services

Mr. Kellman has over 24 years of experience working in zoning, subdivision, and development regulations for the public and private sector. He spent half of his career with the Baltimore County Review Office. He was responsible for the review and approval of Final Development Plans and Record Plats as well as the review of petitions and site plans filed for zoning hearings. He represented the Zoning Review Office on the County Development Review Committee, a body reviewing the procedural compliance of all development submissions. Additionally, he meets with developers, attorneys, and design professionals on project development matters and makes determinations regarding developments and their compliance with county regulations.  Mr. Kellman uses his public sector experience to help clients through the myriad of zoning, subdivision, and development regulations to achieve the highest and best use of their property. He has extensive experience in testifying before the Baltimore County Zoning Commissioner, Hearing Officer, Administrative Law Judges, and Board of Appeals. Mr. Kellman regularly represents the company at the Baltimore County Development Review Committee meetings. As a member of Baltimore County’s Design Review Panel, he is involved in formulating design recommendations to the Planning staff and Administrative Law Judges. Mr. Kellman was appointed by the County Executive to serve on Baltimore County’s Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Dave Martin, P.L.S. - Vice President and Director of Surveying Services

As Chief of Surveys for DMW, Dave Martin is responsible for the direct supervision of survey operations and the business functions for DMW, including productivity, staff, and equipment. He is familiar with all of the latest industry techniques and equipment for both conventional and Electronic Data Collection methods. His technical experience includes residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects for the private sector and public sector capital improvement projects for State, Local, and County agencies. Mr. Martin’s expertise includes control, boundary, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, topographic, utility, as-built, hydrographic, construction surveys, preparation of zoning, easement and record plats, metes and bounds descriptions, elevation certificates, and other various survey products pertaining to the establishment and transfer of real property throughout the State of Maryland.

Tom Repsher, R.L.A. - Chairman of the Board

Mr. Repsher is the Past President and current Chairman of the Board for DMW. He has over forty-five (45) years of experience in the private land development industry. Mr. Repsher brings a particular strength with real world solutions to land development, land planning and site design. He has managed and designed mixed-use, retail, commercial office, institutional and residential projects.

Mark A. Willard, R.L.A. - Director of Planning

Mark Willard brings well over 30 years’ experience in planning, urban design and landscape architecture to the firm. He has established a strong reputation as a creative thinker, providing a unique perspective for the development of projects. A visionary by nature, Mr. Willard is able to build consensus within multi-discipline design teams and establish the strategic direction essential to achieving project goals. With a reputation for providing cutting-edge design solutions that are inspirational, memorable and environmentally responsible, his work has been featured in Chesapeake Home, Style magazine, and the Baltimore Sun. His recent work includes several high-end, private residential estates throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. In addition to commercial projects in Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, and Singapore, Mr. Willard’s international experience includes one of the largest planned developments in the world, Pantai Kapuknaga, in Jakarta, Indonesia – a 24,000-acre waterfront development designed to attract tourists and international commerce, and establish much-needed affordable housing. Mr. Willard is a Registered Landscape Architect in state of Maryland, and a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, the American Institute of Architects, and the Urban Land Institute. He is also certified by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards.